Nomadas Stores

An Authentic and Comfortable Camping Experience

Opening May 1, 2024

Welcome to our Nomad Tent, where you can enjoy comfort and simplicity in the heart of nature. Situated in various locations throughout the campground, each tent sits on a grassy base, offering an authentic camping experience with modern conveniences.

Comfortable and Practical Interiors:

Each Nomad Tent is equipped with a double bed and electricity included, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay. Its design and location offer the perfect combination of a natural retreat with the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay.

Outdoor: Your Private Outdoor Space

Enjoy the beauty of the natural environment directly from your tent. In addition, you have the possibility of renting extras such as camping stove, fridge and fan, to customize your experience according to your needs. The Nomad Tent is ideal for those looking for a camping experience with a touch of comfort in a quiet and natural environment.

Nomadic Tent (2 Persons) - Comfort and Nature at the Camping Site

1 double bed

Electricity included