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The Camping

Camping La Playa Ibiza offers a privileged location, literally on the beach of Cala Martina and surrounding the cal de Gat. Our campsite is distinguished by its unbeatable views, where the sea merges with the horizon, creating a perfect setting for an unforgettable stay.


Immerse yourself in the authenticity and hippie essence at the Punta Arabí market, a gem that lies just steps away from Camping La Playa Ibiza. This market, the first of its kind in Ibiza, is a window to the creativity, craftsmanship and local culture that has flourished over the years.

The first hippy market in Ibiza is the one in Es Canar, the hippy market of Punta Arabi, right next to the Camping La Playa Ibiza . The largest, the oldest on the island, is open every Wednesday and is located in Es Canar.

It is the largest and oldest jewel of the island, opening its doors every Wednesday. Here, the vibrant hippie spirit is awakened in every corner, offering visitors a unique experience full of colors, aromas and sounds that characterize the Ibizan culture.


Discover the hidden jewel of the island in Cala Martina, where the majesty of the environment merges with unique experiences that will delight your senses. Here, the bay of Santa Eulalia and Cala Llonga unfold before your eyes, offering breathtaking views that will transport you to a world of serenity and natural beauty.

The breathtaking views of the bay of Santa Eulalia and Cala Llonga become a spectacular backdrop for your moments of tranquility and wonder. At sunset, get ready to witness a celestial spectacle, when the sky is painted with unique colors during the sunset.